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here are now thousands of school breakfast clubs springing up across the country. They have mushroomed, and here you must excuse the food pun, in response to a growing understanding of the nutritional needs of many children who are coming to school with no breakfast at all or the wrong kind of breakfast.  It happens for a variety of reasons: The Trussle Trust expect to give out over a million emergency food parcels, over the next twelve months, to families who simply don’t have enough money to live on, even though many of them are working. The cost of food has gone up while wages have not. Then there are families who don’t know how to budget and according to some school breakfast club providers, there are those who simply don’t know how to provide a nutritional diet for their children.  Then there is peer pressure. I can remember the pleading for chocolate biscuits and crisps for lunch because that’s what everyone else had. Carrot sticks and pieces of fish set the son apart from his friends and made him an object of ridicule. But is it really our business to be poking our noses into other people’s lunch boxes?

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